«Agonizing and profoundly moving at the same time» –


«Run Now is a humourous performance making you cry your eyes out» – Klassekampen


«The interplay between the graveness of the story told and the childlike images gives the spectators in all age groups a way into the story.» – Periskop


«Run Now has become a tremendously good performance. But what makes me feel strangely content in the midst of the disturbing story, is that Run Now is theatre that burns. Theatre on fire when the world is on fire» – Periskop


Run Now (Nå løper vi)

'' This is my sister. If she was an animal, she would have been a ladybug. If she was a weapon, she would have been a hand grenade.

In 1986, eight year old Sara and three year old Buzhan fled from their home in Iraqi Kurdistan. Saddan Hussein has declared Kurdistan «forbidden territory» and even wild animals are being shot. The siblings spend eight years running before getting refuge in Norway and grow up in the small town of Tønsberg.  They both later train as actors. In Run Now, they tell their dramatic story with humour and musicality. ''


Pia Maria Roll has established herself as one of the country’s most influential theatre artists and has received several awards for her documentary performances. This is her first theatre production for children.


 Run Now is co-produced by Brageteatret and Teater Ibsen, with support from SceSam and Culture Council Norway.

Director: Pia Maria Roll

With: Sara Baban og Buzhan Baban

Script: Sara og Buzhan Baban og Pia Maria Roll

Dramaturge: Kai Johnsen

Choreographer: Helle Siljeholm

Scenographer: Jennie Bringaker Hagevik

Producer: Catherine Haanes

Sound: Jon Platou

Music: Domene

Lights: Ida Andersson

Photography: Ingrid Eggen











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