FINAL CONCERT 05.05.2016

Magdalini Nikolaidou




BETON 7,  SATURDAY 23 APRIL 2016 at 20:30

A musical tour from the crystalline romanticism of Chopin leading up to the post-romantic dynamic music of Rakhmaninov.


 1st PART

F. Chopin (1810-1849)

  -  Nocturne in C minor, op.48 no 1

   - Ballade in G minor, op.23 no 1

S. Rakhmaninov (1873-1943)

  - Étude-Tableau in F minor op.33, no 1

  - Étude-Tableau in G minor op.33, no 8

  -  Étude-Tableau in C sharp minor op.33, no 9                                      

   - Étude-Tableau in E flat minor op.39, no 5

   - Étude-Tableau in D major op.39, no 9




1st PART

S. Rakhmaninov (1873-1943)

   - Variations on a theme of Corelli in D minor op.42



Magda Nikolaidou was born in Athens (Greece). She completed her studies in the Conservatoire of Athens, where she gained her Piano Diploma in the class of Loukia Philipponi, with distinction. She continued her studies in Paris (France) where she got a “Premier Prix de Musique de Chambre” with Jean-Claude Bouvresse and “Premier Prix de Piano” with Josette Morata in the Ecole Nationale de Gennevilliers. Additionally, she got a BA in musicology at the University of Sorbonne (Paris IV, France) in the department of Music and Musicology. Her academic research concerned “The liturgical chants (Znamenny Rospev, Dies Irae) in Rakhmaninov’s compositions.” Later, she studied at Goldsmiths College, University of London (UK), where she gained the Master of Music in Performance and Related studies, with distinction in her final concert. Her academic supervisor was Pr Alexander Ivashkin and her performance supervisor was Andrew Zolinsky. In 2010 she obtained the MPhill in Music at Goldsmiths College (University of London), with academic supervisor Pr Alexander Ivashkin and instrumental supervisor Pr Christopher Elton. Since then she is pursuing her PhD in Music, at Goldsmiths College with academic supervisor Dr Naomi Matsumoto, second supervisor Pr Miltos Logiadis and instrumental supervisor Pr Nasos Grozas. Her academic research concerns Rakhmaninov’s  Études-Tableaux op.33 & op.39. 

     During her studies in Greece, France and UK, Magda Nikolaidou attended several international master classes in piano and musicology.

     Her most recent performance abilities include solo piano, chamber music and lecture recitals in Greece, UK, France, Egypt (Cairo Opera House, Alexandria Opera House with the exceptional cellist Alexander Ivashkin), Ireland (Crawford Municipal Art Gallery – in December 2005 she represented Greece at the musical festival of “Cork, cultural capital of Europe 2005”), Russia (Tambov – Rakhmaninov Institute). In her repertoire she includes several World Premieres and works written especially for her ensembles. Her forthcoming recitals, solo piano, lecture and chamber music, will take place in Greece, Italy, France, UK and Russia. 

     During her residence in France she worked as a piano teacher and member of the jury in several Parisian Conservatoires. She is also a piano professor at the National Conservatory (Athens – Greece)

     Since September 2007 she is a founding member and the artistic director of the international festival “Ichos & Ikona” (Sound and Image – www.ichos-ikona.com). 





































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