Paradise Lost or Found? | Artemis Alcalay

Exhibition duration: March 1-4, 2012 

Opening reception: Thursday, March 1, 8 pm
Performances: March 1-4  | 7.00 pm
Ticket: 10 €

Visual arts and dance come together for four days at Beton7.
What happens when an artwork is inspired to create another one? Following the patterns of traditional weaving to digital art and the screen to the stage.
At Beton7 Gallery the artist Artemis Alcalay presents the animation film "Paradise Lost or Found?" and the storyboard that led to its creation as well as related material.
At Beton7 Theater, starting from the animation film - the choreographers, EeKuipoiz, Mariela Nestora and Nina Alcalay comment freely on the animation work, each 15 minutes long.
At the end they talk with the audience.






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