“Lifeline/Hymn to Gaia” from Gaia Art Group at ΒΕΤΟΝ7 from November 30th 2014

Every Sunday from 30/11 to 28/12
Time: 18.45
Duration: 50’  
Ticket prices: 10€ & 5€ Student, Unemployed

“We come from a dark abyss, we end in a dark abyss, and we call the luminous interval life.”

                                                               Nikos Kazantzakis

Gaia Art Group presents the music/dance performance "Lifeline/Hymn to Gaia" at Beton7 Center for the Arts, for a circle of 5 afternoon performances from Sunday November 30th.

The work, inspired by the birth of the man and his path in life, returns a "hymn to the primal form of Gaia, while simultaneously captures key moments of this path: birth, finite time perception, the need of understanding and acceptance as things flow in the past of time...

Original musical compositions of European aesthetic, imaginative choreography dance encounter live on stage, by creating a special link between sound and movement.

Eos Α.Κ.: choreographies/performance
LIto Messini: songs/vocals
Stavros Parginos: cello
Giorgos Tabakis:
Evagelia Thalassini: direction



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