chimeres festival

Le festival Chimeres 2014 | 3-4 & 5/10/2014

A product-festival of suffocation. attempt of bigger exhalation, hope for a bigger inhalation. breath for you and us.

October 3th, 4th & 5th at Beton7 Center for the Arts-The Chimera hunt begins

Dates: 3-4 & 5/10/201

Admission free
*Instead of tickets we endorse you to bring long lasting foods for the support of poor families. The food distribution will be with the contribution of the Immigrant Lodge.

Throughout the whole festival duration, the exhibition "10 years fanzine Chimeres" will be open from 18:00

(Nothing would be accomplished without all these people.. search them)

10 years chimeres!
10 years after its birth, a group of people tries (again) to collect everything that hunts in 3 days. through performances, screenings, exhibitions, workshops, lives & dj sets. Find what it is that speaks in your heart!

Who we are:
Chimeres group published a fanzine in January of 2004. Since then it has reached 30 issues with the last one to be published during the festival. Since 2005 it is presented in internet at and in 2009 begins its own webradio. What unites this team is the continuous search for anything creative and the feeling of cooperation with people that share the same self-examinations. At the same time, its open in new members that can trade in anything of the group's projects.     























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