Jazz Café Nights @beton7café | Spaghetti Eastern Band @ beton7café with Enza Pagliara as a special guest.

Date: Sunday, October 20th 
Admission Free

The Spaghetti Eastern Band is a band of Italian musicians with eastern influences.
They move at the crossroads of East and West, between tradition and modern experimentation, where myriad influences from world music meets jazz and electronic avant-garde.

The subtitle of the group is DOS (Denominazione d'Origine Sospetta), which in Italian means "Suspicious designation of origin" and humorously refers to the Italian quality goods, mostly food, but here refers to the "suspicious" musical influences. 

Spaghetti Eastern Band
Antongiulio Galeandro, accordeon
Giorgio Distante, trumpet
Μario Grassi, drums
Εnza Pagliara φωνή, drums


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