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One hundred years ago, Marcel Duchamp chose to use an object from everyday life to create an artwork. This act can be viewed as revolutionary for the impact it had on visual art. The found object is now commonly used in contemporary artworks. We no longer talk of the Ready-Made. The everyday object, the found object or the common object has been integrated in art practices. It has become an essential part of the artistic landscape, as integrated as pigment is to painting but within this integration the reach of its use has evolved. 

The exhibition Things includes the works of Artemis Potamianou, Julie René de Cotret & Jefferson Campbell-Cooper and Mathieu Valade. These artists utilize the everyday object in their artistic practices, as a material to be transformed. The thing, the object is culturally infused. It carries meaning into its artistic incorporation. This action requires an understanding of the object in its the most open sense, not strictly as a physical object which can be modified, but rather as a product of society which we perceive through social, cultural and personal lenses. 

Things offers artworks through which the quality of the object metamorphoses into a greater universe. The object is no longer the focus of the artwork. The concept and the object mutate into something else, something at once more open and less determined. While conserving its objectness, this thing begins to signify and to denote a range of new possibilities, new perspectives.

The works presented here, function in this mode. They co-opt objects to serve more intricate purposes. The everyday object is manipulated, tampered with, remixed. The object becomes part of the vocabulary in a proposition naming the open, the abstract, the poetic. 



Exhibition Opening: Thursday 25 May 2017, 8.00 PM

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 2.00 PM - 7.00 PM





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