‘You wake up in first person’

Maria Glyka




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                   Beton7 Gallery presents the exhibition

                 ‘You wake up in first person'

                 by the artist Maria Glyka




Continuing the research concerning the personal belongings in the frame of daily life and their relation with the space, memory, timelessness and the instant moment, Maria Glyka through her exhibition "You wake up in first person" is trying to create an area of characters of our personal daily space, the urban space.


The characters that are moving in the urban space, are leaving in disproportionate house rooms, with life decisive furniture and objects, they consume alone, usually in empty malls and they often use public transportation. Their belongings determine the structure of their decisions and are parts of this reality. They are not just usable objects, even though they are ephemeral, they are not just commemorative objects but part of their important relation with the others. Their natural or technical material and the space in which all these coexist is important, as important as their human existence.


Characters’ life is viewed from a special aspect which lets only a part of reality to be reaveled. “Frames” defining the truth, keeping hidden everything that is left: the inner space of cupboards, half-shutters, doors and openings of houses, windows of trains, ships, cars, separators and carriages, screens and modern appliances, half-broken houses, sidewalks with holes, asphalt that end up in cliffs, gaps where there should not be, natural products or processed foods.



The details of their moves describe an incomplete journey, one decision that was never made, one condition that was never reclaimed, one moment that was lost. The stream of the faded painted images, is often interrupted by the spectators’ sight, of those that observe the characters. The fragmentary narration –which we wonder if it does exist- is undermined by the location of these instantaneous observations, by random images that come along to complement seemingly irrelevant moments.



Artists:  Maria Glyka

Opening:  Tuesday 20th March 2018, 20:00

Duration: 20th March 2018 – 5th April 2018

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 14:00 - 19:00


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