performance | video art | performance videos from Vasiliki Psarrou

Duration: December 1st - 10th 2014
Opening: December 1st 2014 | 20:00
Performance: December 1st 2014 | 22:00
Exhibition hours: Monday to Friday 14.00-20.30, Saturday 14.00-18.00, Sundays closed

Beton7 presents the performance +- from Vasiliki Psarrou, as well as an exhibition with performance videos and video art from her career (1993 – 2014).

With the performance, which will take place during the inauguration, and the symbolic "launching" the artist tries to give the viewer the ability to perceive and to examine the cause of the acts, but also the consequences for the socio-cultural life. As someone adds value to actions, contributing to the creation of cultural meaning, he or she also has the ability to set aside and to reconstruct reality so that the words Polis-Citizen-Culture/Prosthesis-Afairesis-Justice, obtain their real meaning.


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