Duration: March 24th – April 18th 2015
Opening:  Μarch 24th 2015 | 19.00
Editing-videos: Stefanos Minoglou
Exhibition Times: Monday to Friday 14.00-20.30 | Saturday 14.00-18.00 | Sundays closes

Beton7 presents two parallel personal exhibitions from Dimitra and Krini Dimopoulou.

Krini Dimopoulou, in her series of works entitled "Nisides"(small islands) makes final photo combining two miscellaneously different fotos. The new image-narrative that is generated elsewhere dissolved and elsewhere allows identification of source images. Four paintings, an installation by broken glass and a video projection, the chromatic homogeneity sharpens the effort required to read from the viewer and paves the way for an experience of a reality paradox where space and time reconstituted. The images chosen, represent places that are public but belong to different environments, systems and times. Squares of Athens, a cave, digital screensavers, a Mayan pyramid and the sunset are some of these images.

"To teleio alma"(The perfect jump) by Dimitra Dimopoulou is a warm, relaxing and self lighted environment, in which the visitor can watch a spieces of not an evolved but an evolving personality. Four video presentations and a painting installation acompanied by a cosmic soundscape. The perfect jump is a continuous challenge. 





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