BAD PAINTING | Unreliable Urban Testimonials 

Four painters exhibit at Beton7

Curator: Contemporary Art Showcase Athens
Duration: 23 April – 6 May 2015
Opening:  23 April 2015 | 20.00
Exhibition opening hours: Monday to Friday 14.00-20.30 | Saturday 14.00-18.00 | Sundays closed

For BAD PAINTING | Unreliable Urban Testimonials exhibition, the Contemporary Art Showcase Athens in collaboration with BETON7, selects projects representing a wide range of stylish approaches and influences, setting up an unexpected dialogue between four contemporary painters.

Common element, the harsh reality facing the new generation of Greek painters, painting surfaces as a platform, as a transport screen for the emergence of social, interpersonal and internal situations. Inconsistent and directly works maintain a strong referance to urban culture and everyday experience.

The participants also deal with a painters functional, historical painting traditions, tasting, and ultimately, through their personal guidance, adopting selective and rewrites the conventions of the medium, feature that marks the painting of our time. The painting of Constantinos Lianos has influences from both the places of street art and comics as well as classical and modern currents of art painting. In his works he directs metaphorical exposes some times pictures where more specific and some other more abstract concerns over internal mechanisms, but also in situations of paradoxes of life, shown with elements that place them on the borderline between illusion and reality, earthly and alien, known and undetermined.

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