A Mountain of Black Stones

Surface Area Dance Theatre (UK) and Beton7 gallery present the new solo performance by the choreographer Nicole Vivien Watson in collaboration with visual artist Yorgos Maraziotis and sound artist Klunks.

The work can be described as a somatic live performance, which rests upon the interplay of sculpture, performed movement and sound. 

The environment of the performance is conditioned by a large, spatially - dominate quantity of coal, located in centre space of the gallery. Buried within the sculpture are four independent stereo units, amplifying a composed collection of sounds, constructed from a series of real - world and synthetic sounds, dissociated from the living environment of the gallery space. Thereby making a distinction between contexts that are physically known and those that are abstracted. 

Performances are choreographed to evoke metaphorical meaning, this experienced individually, by the audience, from the first moments of encountering the sculpture.  The intention of the performance is to facilitate an immersive sensory environment, whereby the parameter of the viewer’s awareness becomes blurred, evoking a state of being, that plays between the sensual, physical and affective. 

Performed by: Nicole Vivien Watson

Installation by: Yorgos Maraziotis 

Sound performance by: Klunks. 

Premiering on the 12th February 2016.

Dates of the performance: 12 & 13 February 2016

Starting at 20.30

Entrance: Free


BETON7 gallery | Pydnas str. 7, Votanikos, 11855

Because of the limited capacity, a reservation of your place is necessary. Please call at the 2107512625 in advance.

*After the first performance on the 12th of February, a conversation with the artists is going to take place at the gallery space. |

Supported by the Embassy of Norway, the Norwegian Institute at Athens


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