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World Piano Day 2018


with Anna Stereopoulou






On Thursday 29th March 2018, at 20:30, composer and pianist Anna Stereopoulou is going to present a special event on the occasion of World Piano Day celebration at Beton7 (Pidnas 7, Athens, Botanic). Entrance to the public will be Free.

Anna Stereopoulou will present her personal compositions and improvisations for Piano, with a parallel pairing of analog Synthesizer and Live Sampling, inviting the audience to a warm and friendly atmosphere. The music we are listening to is inspired by different types of music, from the recent staff of the album "Electron" [ἤλεκτρον], as well as from the "philosophy" of the latest project / work-in-progress "SYN" in recent months in Greece and abroad.


‘Piano Day’ is a global event founded in 2015 by pianist / composer Nils Frahm and his colleagues. Since then, it takes place on the 88th day of each year, inspired by the piano's key number. The celebration for 2018 will be heard on March 29th.


The goal of World Piano Day is to create a platform for events associated with this musical instrument in order to promote the development of musical dimensions and to continue to share the eternal joy of interpreting and listening to piano works




Anna Stereopoulou | composer, pianist, researcher

A STEREOSCOPIC perspective of Music & Art©

Official WebSite: http://annastereopoulou.gr/ 

Bio + Links: https://annastereoscopic.wordpress.com/ 


Thursday 29th March 2018

Start: 20:30 


Free entrance



Beton7 | Pidnas 7, Votanikos-Athens 11855 (kerameikos metro station)

tel.: + 30 210 7512625 | www.beton7.com - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  




More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/2023260098000039/





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