Momo trio return with a new album and a live show in BETON7

Date:  February 22th 2015
Time: 21:00
Ticket: 8€ general admission 

After the successful first vinyl album, the Momo trio return with a new album titled Inati-also in vinyl format-which will be released in the spring of 2015.

The Momo trio appears in a live that includes all new compositions of their upcoming disc, songs from their first album no vacancy and original arrangements.

"Momo trio" is a unique set of three extraordinary musicians, who play original compositions with a personal tone and distinct approach to their material. Their music is characterized by a dynamic where the elaborate playing meets simplicity, the clarity of the density, explosiveness and sensitivity imaginatively technique. One particular set, with great music and attitude.

Giorgos Dousis (piano) 
Paraskevas Kitsos (bass) 
Nikos Kassavetis (drums)


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