«Eros» from Christos Oikonomides at Beton7

Date: April 24th 2015 | 21.00
Ticket: 8€ general admission

Christos Oikonomides discovered after long research some poems of famous poets like (Eggonopoulos, Polydouris, Aslanoglou, Livaditis, Lapathiotis, Sousi and others) that praise love and drama and reflect fanciful moments of life. Together with Katerina Konstantinou in the song and Mikko Laitinen Papadopoulos in stringed instruments, dare to carry us with reason and sound, next to loss, pleasure and fortitude of love ...

Piano, composition, singing: Christos Oikonomides 
Singing: Katerina Oikonomidou
Stringed instruments: Mikko Laitinen Papadopoulos









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