Case Study I : The sins of the fathers


Case Study I:The sins of the fathers is the first part of the Ibsen Scholarship 2015 winning project WE: the dramaturgy of the crisis; an audio-visual tour through the dark family environment, as described in Ibsen's Ghosts, Little Eyolf and John Gabriel Borkman and distorted by our very own past. In the mid-stops, it is US that talk about the toxicity we have been fed since our childhood: the sins of the fathers that are still visited upon their children.


Conceived & directed by: influx artist collective

Mask: Martha Foka

Lighting design: Cecilia Tselepidi

Duration: 45’

Dramaturgy based on:

Ghosts, Little Eyolf, John Gabriel Borkman (Henrik Ibsen)

Agamemnon (Aeschylus)

Woyzeck (Georg Buchner)

documentary material from Greece's recent history as well as

original texts devised by influx artist collective


influx artist collective

the world we see around us is based on a story

Charis Pechlivanidis and Korina Vasileiadou have developed a profound artistic collaboration. Together they discovered that their artistic expression can not be categorized to a single theatre practice but derives from their desire to perceive the world through their own horizon; by making theatre to redefine qualities and concepts such as society, human relationships, theatre procedures, politics, happiness. In 2015 – being in tune with the constant flow of stories that create the world – they created influx artist collective. They have been awarded the Ibsen Scholarship 2013 for their project Minding Ibsen : An enemy of the people meets the people. In 2015 they became the first ones ever to win the Ibsen Scholarship for a second time, with their project “WE: the dramaturgy of the crisis”; a three-fold project – consisting of the performances Case Study I:The sins of the fathers, Case Study II:Our castle in the airand WE – co-produced with the Experimental Scene of the National Theatre of Greece.

























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