Theatrical Compositions III:
"DIE HEIMAT'', based on the play HEIMAT by Hermann Sudermann 

Omada 33 reflects upon the aspects of homeland, social identity and personal freedom and presents the performance "Die Heimat” and the photo exhibition “Ruins” by Christos Katsinas

Duration performances:
28/03 - 12/04/2014
Days performances:
Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Performances Time:
Friday, Saturday: 21:00
Sunday: 19:30
Event Duration: 70 minutes
Ticket Price:
10 € & 5 € Student, Unemployed

"Heimat is your land, your home, your people.  It is your roots, your language, your childhood. All the special aspects of your homeland.  Suddenly I looked at my homeland as if it was the first time: everything had changed. But in reality, it was the exact opposite: everything was the same, except for me”  

Concept, adaptation & direction:
Evropi Thomopoulou 
Despina Malli, Lyssandros Spetsieris,Faidra Chantzikostanti
Μusic: Vangelis Latos
Assistant Director:
Giannis Kourbanis Collaborators: Maria Derembe, Afroditi Primikyri, Tania Riccio
Communication Manager: Evangelia Skrobola
Christos Katsinas
Graphic Designer:
Sofia Adam 

Exhibition Days:
28.03 - 12.04.2014
Friday, Saturday & Sunday | Free Entrance

The photo exhibition features abandoned houses,which unveil signs of time deterioration, neglect and silence. Although these imagestranspire a sense of decay or loss – personal or social – at the same time theydisclose memories of colours, scents, sounds and habits, which lived in theseabandoned places once upon a time. 

As the photographer cites: “These houses have never stopped fascinating most of us…. While the thought of desertion frightens us, abandoned buildings on the contrary are attractive to most people. A simple `visit' to an abandoned house, a factory or a warehouse reveals instantly the result of years or even decades of natural deterioration.  Silence! Walls, rooms, stairs, gates, all these were filled once with children’s voices and sentiments. Now, the scent of mould replaces that of hot delicious food. Demolished places, that were once “the tile” above the heads of a family or the working place of people who were shedding their sweat ... Time, though, doesn’t allow for sentiments…» 

The houses I had, they took them away from me. 
I don’t know much about houses.
I know they have their own nature, nothing else.
New at first, like babies who play in gardens with the tassels of the sun.
They embroider colored shutters and shining doors over the day.
When the architect’s finished,they change,
they frown or smile or even grow stubborn with those who stayed behind,
with those who went away
with others who’d come back if they could
or others who disappeared,
now that the world’s become an endless hotel. 
[Giorgos Seferis "The Thrush“]   

    * The photo exhibition is held exclusively on the days of the performance “Die Heimat”  




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