Theatrical Compositions III: Before the Murderess, based on A. Papadiamantis texts.

Duration performances:
5, 6, 12 , 13, 19 , 20, 26, 27 May 2014
Days performances:
Monday & Tuesday
Performances Time:
70 minutes
Ticket Price :
10€ & 5€ Student , Unemployed

For the performance
A. Papadiamandis has the experience and the sensitivity that creates a deep need to write about the women he had met.
The plays selected are the most characteristical of this category and lead us to the central subject of the social life of a woman -motherhood- which will reach the zenith of creation of the writer. The women or girls, married or not have a power, daemonical and for some other source of suffering, which is the power of birth.
The audience invades into the women's stories to guide the sensual and social Papadiamantis. In each one corresponding to an environment (space) where
the audience is invited to join in, as in the author's time. All come alive through the concisely written white pages by Papadiamandis.

Adapted and Directed by Maria Fragki
Scenography - costumes :
Anna Macherianaki
Music - Sound Design :
Anna Mouzaki
Video - Photos:
Alexandra Xyda
Original paintings :
Eleutheria Emmanuel
Video Art Designer:
Anastasis Meletis
Annita Adamou, Terpsichory Gioka, Nicoletta Gkrimeki, George Rustemis




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