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Theatrical Compositions III: The Ghost Sonata by August Strindberg

Duration: 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26  June 2014
Days: Wednesday & Thursday
Time: 21.00
Duration: 60 minutes
Ticket Price: 10€ & 5€ Student , Unemployed

The ghost Sonata by August Strindberg at Beton7 for 7 performances.

The Ghost Sonata was written by Strindberg in 1907, a few years before his death and holds a special place in the worlds' most famous plays. The characters of the play are idealistic representations of nightmares at various stages of depression. Hummel is the main character, a loan shark, thief of souls and vampire. 

The mummy is brutal, enclosed in a closet, that suddenly becomes lucid.

The student is initially kind-hearted, but during the play he becomes more and more cynical. He desires  the beautiful but unapproachable Miss, in the room of the hyacinths. The philanthropist Hummel is a bloodthirsty master. The officer is in fact a former servant. The mummy is not a mummy. The adorable Miss is sick ...

In the world of the Ghost Sonata there is no honesty and the truth kills. "Nobody is what he seems to be."

Directed by Chrysa Lagou
Music: Nikos Kokolakis
Lightning Design: Sophia Adamopoulou
Play set: Chrysa Lagou
Artistic direction/Assistant Director: Vasilis Tziokas
Actors: Nikos Gkelia, Vaggelis Diamantis, Romana Lobats, Fotis Piritidis and Peter Rundle

Costumes: Dimitris Strepkos/ Celebrity Skin



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