Beton7 presents the work of Thomas Bernhard "BETON", translated by Alexandros Isaris.

Dates: 8, 9, 15,16, 22,23 October 2014
Time: 21.00
Duration: 55 minutes
Ticket Price: 10 € & 5 € Student, Unemployed

After the successful last year's performance of "Beton" at Beton7 stage in Athens and Thessaloniki's "Avlaia Theater", the incredible show returns for six more unique performances in October.

BETON: A philosophical monologue and a meditation on the existence and death. A substantial confession and an ongoing effort of the hero within a world he hates and loves simultaneously.

The performance is based on quotations from the prose of Thomas Bernhard "Beton".

The proses and theatrical plays of Thomas Bernhard, are stories of sick people moving towards madness and self destruction as they are heading to death. Life is a deadly disease and it has no meaning nor hope. Life is tragic and at the same time rediculous. The man who understands this, feels twice alone: on the one hand he is stranded from the pathetic society which cares only for wealth and power and on the other hand he is hemmed in himself unable to give any possible answers. The characters of Thomas Brhnard demand perfection that's why they are doomed to fail.

Translation: Alexandros Isaris
Directed by: Maria Gitsa
Video- photographer: Nicholas Stavropoulos
Collaborated Angelica Gkalmpeni
Acting: Peris Michailidis






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