Death Wishes


Lyrical performance with music from Monteverdi, Gluck, Shubert, Strauss, De Falla, Orff, Berio.

Performance dates: December 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27 2014 & January 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30, 31 2015
Time: 21.00 
Duration: 55 minutes
Ticket prices: 10€ & 5€ Students, Unemployed

Beton7 Center for the Arts presents the lyrical performance "death wishes/Orpheus" directed by Michalis Argyrou, with the collaboration of distinguished music performers and dancers.

Based on the myth of Orpheus, the music of the show joins top classics composers such as Monteverdi, Gluck, Schubert, Wolf, Scriabin, De Falla, Berio, creating a narration with elements of contemporary surrealism.

It is a synthesis of music, dance, theatre and Visual Arts that expands the expressive boundaries of every art and creates a unique original work.

About the play
"Death wishes" is the story of a pianist who lives in his own dreamy reality, with strong positive and negative feelings of despair and redemption, to the music, the woman, the mother, love, death, the State itself... identifies his life with that of Orpheus.

As he plays the piano, the interweaving of life and death, is present in every expression of his conduct, the conflicting thoughts and emotions become pictures, music, song, speech, movement, in a universe where he is the only real being, while images from memories and persons constitute the backdrop of his existence.

A performance that explores the emotions that sometimes arrive in need of a symbiotical relationship while at the same time death exists as wish for him and for everyone else.

Directed by - Sets - Costumes: Michalis Argyrou
Actress - Script: Magda Mavrogianni
Performers: Maira Milolidaki, Mina Polychronou, Irene Karagianni
Piano: Titos Gouvelis 
Dancers: Ios A.K., Chryssa Kaliafa, Elena Papadopoulou
Director assistant: Zoe Manda
Set designer assistant: Konstantina Krigkou




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