Workshop at Beton7

First meeting 

November 9, 2016 | 6-8 pm / Beton7




“I am an Argentine adrift in the sea of metaphysics”

-J. L. Borges (from an interview)


Borges had a passion for philosophy and, in particular, for ancient Greek philosophy. Thus, the notion of the infinite and the ontological riddles of the Ionian Presocratics, the paradoxes of Zeno of Elea, the skepticism of the Sophists, and the mystical theology of the Platonists (just to mention a few examples) became Borges’ philosophical stuff; with that stuff he created some of his most relevant poems and short stories.

This workshop is an invitation to analyse the complex relationship between literature and philosophy, focusing on Borges. Indeed, writers and philosophers have many things in common, but what exactly do they share? And what are the differences between a philosophical and a literary text?

During the seminar we are going to read and discuss a selection of poems, short stories and short essays written by the Argentine author Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986). We will also discuss the available audiovisual material (short films, documentaries, video art, etc.) on his life and work. The aim is to approach Borges’ oeuvre from an original point of view: the philosophical aspects involved in his literary creation.

The seminar is open to anyone willing to discover the work of Jorge Luis Borges and his use of the inexhaustible treasure of ancient Greek philosophy, in an effort to promote an interdisciplinary approach to literature. No previous knowledge is required.


The discussion will be held in English, but participants can read the bibliography in their own language. (There are good translations of Borges into the major languages.)

At the end of the seminar participants will have to produce a text or an artistic piece (an essay, a short fiction, a video, a painting, etc.), as a way of expressing and recreating one philosophical aspect of Borges’ work. The material will be then presented at Beton7 and beton7artradio | wespeakart.


The workshop consists of eight (8) meetings, every second 

Wednesday, from 6 to 8 p.m. 

First meeting: November 9, 2016.

Place: Beton7

Cost: euros 80,-


Marcos G. Breuer, PhD, is an Argentine philosopher and author. He studied Philosophy at the University of Córdoba and obtained his master's degree with a work on Norbert Elias’ philosophy of culture. He did his doctorate at the University of Düsseldorf, Germany; in his dissertation he discussed the action-theoretical assumptions underlying the current debate among three ethical theories: contractarianism, utilitarianism, and contractualism. After a three-year, post-doctoral stay in Italy, he moved to Athens in 2009, where he works as a freelance writer and teacher. Breuer has published two books and several articles in different languages on ethics, social theory, and the history of philosophy. He regularly organizes workshops on the history of philosophy and literature. He is currently working on a new book about the bioethical debate on euthanasia.

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