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Round 1:
Interpersonal Relations
Tuesday, February 5th  2013
Info & Registration: 210-7512625

Beton7 is organizing a  series of Lifelong Learning adult educational system, which will be carried out by several seminars, SEMINAR.Room, taught by experts of each and every field of the experiential workshops, making a start with the topic of Interpersonal Relationships, including 4 educational materials, on Tuesday, February 5th 2013.

In the duration of the complete cycle of seminars, participants will be dealing with the topic of interpersonal relationships till the end of the year, with the aim to create and present a piece of work of their own- if that is possible to be done, under the ideal circumstances- of course.

Four meetings on the topic will be holding the first course, although participants do have the option to register and attend individual learning hours if they do not wish to follow the entire series.

Certificates of attendance will be distributed.

Registration for all the seminars of Beton7 SEMINAR.Room have already began.
Each seminar has limited number of entries | priority on registration list will be held .

1. Creative Writing with Dr. Anastasia Karaflogka
Tuesdays 18.00-21.00 | 20 euro / seminar (the price does not include VAT)

2. Workshop MOTION - DANCE IMPROVISATION with Nina Alkalay
Wednesdays 18.00-19.30 | 10 euro / seminar (the price does not include VAT)

3. VISUAL CULTURE - experiential approaches to image Taxiarchopoulos George, PhD Teaching of Art, Fine Arts
Thursdays 18.00-21.00 | 20 euro / seminar (the price does not include VAT)

4. CINEMA & Psychology with Elina Panteleon and Maria Kostala
Fridays 19:30 - 21:30 | 10 EUR / seminar (the price does not include VAT)




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