Theatre Workshop with Mélanie Foulon | « I have to tell you... »

Dates: 10-17.06 2013 | Monday to Friday, 17:00-21:00
Saturday and Sunday :
14:00-20:00 | Final presentation on June, 17th
10 euro per session (tax not included)
Info and bookings:
210 7512625

To be as a group and to talk about yourself. To be your own subject. Without any egocentrism or modesty. To try to invent yourself, with humour if possible. To stay who you are and be all the others too. This is quite a big mess !
Thanks to collective improvisations, we shall create a space of listening and free speaking, where the experience of each one mixes with theatrical fiction. With the support of the look towards the audience. Trying to tell sincerely one's own story and imagining  the frenziest. What is the limit of autofiction on stage ?

The participants are required to bring a song and a personal clothing item in order to create a short story (real or fictional) around them.
Each session starts with some warming up exercices (voice, body, listening, space...) linked with the improvisation work that will follow.
During the workshop the students will also watch an improvisation from an independent perspective in order to get the spectator's view and develop a better conscience about it.

The workshop will be held in english




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