Direction: Contemporary Art Showcase Athens

Proponent: Demosthenes Agrafiotis  

Duration: February 19th – March 6th 2015                                                                                          

From 19/2/2015 BETON7 will host a section of seminars, workshops, and presentations of projects, in the context of the Cross-sectional Project of Contemporary Art Showcase Art Athens (C. A. S. A).

The cross-sectional/cross-sectoral/synkladiki/stochokladiki/metatomeaki/interdisciplinary art is recognized today as a very important field of innovation and research. The term describes the practice of synthesis of knowledge, experiences and methodologies from multiple Visual and scientific fields, in a new operating group, with a view to the formulation of new methods of artistic creation. Confronting challenges in cross-cutting projects are technical, methodological, philosophical, economic, even institutional. Exploring cross-sectoral aspects of art, through the Intersectoral Programme art in BETON7, expands the conventional laboratory environment, stimulate academic research, while at the same time assist in the formation of groups of Visual and other specialties and around intersectoral collaborations. 

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